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I have a group of five friends that I have been friends with since high school way back when in the 70s. We have known each other for decades and when we get together it’s as if we are still those young carefree teenagers in high school who still laugh at ourselves and our inside jokes that only we can understand. We are all celebrating the big 5-0 within the year (yes, I will admit it… we are half a century old) but those 17 year old carefree spirits are still inside of us.

To celebrate birthdays we always go to dinner and but usually there are no gifts involved but since this is such a milestone birthday we are exchanging gifts this year. So the Loris (there are two of them) and Cheryl, thought it would be great if I designed and created a necklace for Lauri. We wanted it to be special and have hidden meaning since Lauri is the most sentimental one in our group it had to be perfect.

I thought a six pointed lotus flower shape with her birthstone in the middle… an aquamarine cabachon would be nice… not too sparkly but understated and elegant like Lauri. Surrounding the stone would be “five” white topaz representing all five friends and showing solidarity and togetherness. We may not see each other as often as we would like but we always have been there for each other and always will be. The “I’ve got your back” phrase definitely applies to this group.

Here is the rendering of the original design..

Original Rendering

Here is the finished pendant…

Aquamarine and White Topaz Pendant

Here is a picture of us at dinner and Lauri wearing her new pendant…