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That’s a question I often ask myself about many things. Most recently I wondered when is the right time to visit Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore. When would the tulips be at their best for viewing and photographing? What would be the best time of day? When can I fit it in my schedule? I do not have a green thumb and I am not a gardener… so I had to do a little research to find out when the best time would be to see the tulips and everything I read said the tulips are in full bloom at the end of April and beginning of May. I should have known better. With the warm winter we have had everything bloomed quite early here. We had daffodils in early February.

Since it was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon my husband, Steve, and I took the 15 minute ride from our home to see if the tulips came out early. It’s been years since I’ve been there and I had a feeling they would probably be blooming early. Low and behold we were about a week late for the full bloom. Most of the tulips have already bloomed and were well on their way to wilting. But I still managed to get some really beautiful shots in that aren’t the typical perfect tulips in formation shots and we still were in wonderment of the beauty and serenity of this gem of a park in Baltimore.

I realized after viewing my photos… it may not have been the optimal time but it was still gorgeous and I think the pictures may have turned out even better because they are not the typical shots of perfect tulips all lined up in rows that you normally see from Sherwood Gardens. So in hind site… the best laid plans may not always be timed right… they may be even better and more creative then what you had imagined.