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My youngest child just graduated from upper school this past weekend and I now will have two young adults fleeing the nest and attending college. Where has the time gone? When you are a parent of toddlers people are always telling you, “Before you know it they will be graduating and you will look back and see how fast time has flown by. Enjoy the moments”.

I did enjoy many moments and will treasure them always. I’m not saying everyday was a picnic, there was cholic, ear infections, whining, vomiting, misbehaving but there was also, wonderment in a beautiful sunset, lots of arts and crafts projects, sand castles, dress up and plays, sporting events, science projects, vacations, new years eve celebrations, parties and much more joy and laughter than tears. We are lucky, when I look back and reflect on the last 20 years and my days of parenting they were the best times ever.

When you look at life through a child’s eye, every day there is a new adventure to experience, new discoveries to be made, and laughter in the little things. Wouldn’t it be nice for us as adults to experience every day with that zest for life but with all the experience of our years?

I am going to embrace this change, even though I may not feel totally ready for it and I can not believe how quickly I became an empty nester,  I plan on learning from my children to experience new adventures… with my husband, my family and my friends, and making new discoveries… by learning something new each day. And most of all always finding joy and laughter in the little things.