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I have a fun new obsession that I must share with other designers. It’s a fairly new app for the ipad called Paper 53. It was named app of the year recently and I can totally see why and as soon as you start playing around with it you will also see how great it is.

I have been using Paper 53 for sketching and painting jewelry designs. It’s so much easier than mixing up paints and cleaning brushes as I’ve done in the past. Plus, I can do it while I’m having my morning coffee, while on an airplane, while I’m waiting for an appointment or even at bedtime. You don’t even need a wifi connection to use it, so even better.

The basic app is free but you probably want to upgrade the tools and palettes and that is around $10. — so very worth it. Also you will probably want to buy a stylus for around $20. to be more precise in your drawing than using your finger.

Look at all the money you are saving on paper, paints, and just think of all the trees that will be saved. Plus no more clean up and searching through sketch books to find your old drawings. You have all the sketch books right there at your disposal. Do I sound like a commercial yet… I am having so much fun with this app I feel like a kid with a new toy.

Here are some examples of my sketches and then the actual finished jewelry… If you would like to find out more about the actual pieces if you click on them there is a link to my Etsy page.