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I was recently asked to submit some photos of my studio for a blog about a show I am doing this fall called Pleiades Art Jewelry on November 15-16th at the Woman’s Club of Bethesda, 5500 Sonoma Rd, Bethesda, Maryland. So, I figured I may as well share them on my blog as well so you can see some behind the scenes at Robin Bass Jewelry.

Let me first set the stage for you. I always have music playing, usually I listen to WTMD radio which plays great music all day long. I have one coworker at the present time… here’s a picture of Kirby, my fat little chocolate Havanese, who likes his treats way too much. But who doesn’t?


I feel lucky enough to work in a bright sunroom on an old kitchen table with Kirby at my feet. Sometimes he helps me find things that drop on the floor. Not really, I wish he could. It works out great since I like to have a lot of my tools and materials right in front of me and I have a sink with an exhaust fan behind me where there used to be an indoor grill… that I now use as my counter for soldering.


Here are some of my most used tools and equipment that sit on my desk in old clay pots.. some of which my kids made in lower school.


Here are some raw castings and some finishing tools sitting on my workbench ready to be worked on.


This is a poster I have in the studio that I truly live by…


Finally here are some finished pieces in their display case…